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Agnes Nagy (BSc (Hons) Applied Animal Behavioral Science & Welfare) MHAO Dip in Animal Healing

I am a qualified animal behaviourist and was always passionate about animals and have experience with cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and farm animals. I am a proud doggy owner of a 12-year-old Bolognese. I’ve carried out a project to investigate the behavioural changes of dogs in rescue environments when receiving energy healing as I became open to holistic approaches as years went by. To carry out this project, I needed a professional healer and asked Gabriella, who is a Reiki Master to help me. While we worked together on this project, we realised how well we could combine her healing experience with my behaviourist knowledge. That was the point we started our business together as we realised this unique approach hasn’t been used in animal care before. Since then I have completed a one year course in animal healing and learnt from Elizabeth Whiter who is a well-known animal and human healer. I also became a full member of the Healing Animals Organisation by completing my diploma.

Gabriella Davidovics (Psychotherapist, Reiki Master)


I have always been passionate about helping people, guide them to reach their full potential. In my practice, I combine the methods of modern psychotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy, solution-focused approach, mindfulness, and energy healing techniques.  Healing animals is a special privilege because they are not sceptical, just let you in, open to the energy, they simply show you the part where they need healing. To work with animals is breathtaking, regardless of species or issues, the story is always the same: an animal never expects anything in return, but is happy to give in bucketfuls. Unconditional love really can make a difference, even the sickest animal will brighten up if his/her owner can make the shift from fear and anxiety to love and acceptance.I am delighted that a project with Agnes brought us together as we can use our passion for animals to create a unique experience.

For more information about my services: www.therapyforlondoners.com

Our mission is to help owners and their animals to live a fulfilling and loving life. Let’s make this world a better place!

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